DunMap Dungeon Map Stocker by Ed Allen

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Choose the Level. Enter your map's URL and click Load Map or pick one from the menu. When you see the map, click in rooms to place room numbers and drag to reposition. Contents for rooms will randomly generate as you place them. The node editor will let you edit or reroll contents.

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Re-skin creatures and treasures

Re-skin creatures or replace other repeating text in room descriptions and notes - there is no Undo so be careful.

Replace with in Notes and all Location Descriptions.

New features and plans

More name roots, so there should be more variety, settlement names get some geographical references added in like "bridge" and "hill". There is a new NPC naming pattern that makes organizations they are affiliated with for some of them. There are two new lists in the Notes field, one of nearby settlements and one of organizations, both stock from NPC generation or a few a put in if no NPCs generated any. The settlements don't integrate right with the Wilds yet, still acting like a dungeon. I intend to have some of the Wilds nodes generate as settlements with names and not have it put in the distance/direction references. Put in a minor tweak to suppress some magic staves and shift them to wands to make the odds work out better. Historical name lists are expanded in the data but temporarily disabled while I work out a UI element to toggle them.

Notes field: Wandering Monsters and Relationship addition with nodes fixed to a first approximation. The new Organizations and Settlements are only accounting for the ones from the Wandering Monsters so far.

Map Artists: If you have posted maps online that you would like included in the convenience dropdown menu, let me know on G+ or a comment on my Ruminations of a Geek blog post about this, either specific map names and image URLs or point me to a collection page and I'll find the URLs there. You can also reshare a G+ post with a map you want included to me. I figure on including artists' names or initials before the map titles, and then going hierarchical by the artist's name as the first level once the list gets long enough to be awkward as a single list, with the credits section below linking back to your pages.

I will be rescanning some of the maps I linked in the menu to make them a better fit here.

Image Link Credits

EA: Ed Allen
BL: British Library Flickr of free images from old books

Comments welcome at the Ruminations blog linked above or on G+. If you like hacking, take a look at the dungen_stock.js file first. It's pretty easy to customize content there. DunGen is now up on Github.