DunGen Pointcrawl Dungeon Generator by Ed Allen

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Re-skin creatures or replace other repeating text in room descriptions and notes - there is no Undo so be careful.

Replace with in Notes and all Location Descriptions.

Import and Export

Export dumps the data for the current dungeon into the field below. Copy and paste into an email or a file to move to another computer. Paste into the field there and click Import to load it. Careful editing in this field is possible. Save with a name on the destination computer.

To manually save and use the dungeon outside this page, copy the text of the room contents table and notes field and paste into another file, and use the Download Image button on Chrome or the right click menu to save the image as a PNG. If you need to clear all cached data in your browser for some reason, please export if you'll want to use a dungeon in DunGen again or manually save of any dungeons you care about first. DunGen saves to your browser's "LocalStorage" not to a server. Clearing all LocalStorage will wipe out any saved and edited dungeons.

New features and plans

More name roots, so there should be more variety, settlement names get some geographical references added in like "bridge" and "hill". There is a new NPC naming pattern that makes organizations they are affiliated with for some of them. There are two new lists in the Notes field, one of nearby settlements and one of organizations, both stock from NPC generation or a few a put in if no NPCs generated any. The settlements don't integrate right with the Wilds yet, still acting like a dungeon. I intend to have some of the Wilds nodes generate as settlements with names and not have it put in the distance/direction references. Put in a minor tweak to suppress some magic staves and shift them to wands to make the odds work out better. Historical name lists are expanded in the data but temporarily disabled while I work out a UI element to toggle them.

Comments welcome at the Ruminations blog linked above or on G+. If you like hacking, take a look at the dungen_stock.js file first. It's pretty easy to customize content there. DunGen is now up on Github.