Hiring Hall Retainers and hirelings for old school dungeon crawling, a generator by Ed Allen, v 1.3

Use Hyperborean races and classes for AS&SH?

Characters with a reason to hire on should get a shift in favor of hiring on their reaction rolls.

Stat rolls are straight 3D6, so some classed characters may not meet minima according to particular rules sets.

Equipment is still a work in progress, and will never be a perfect match, since rules sets differ. If a class is inappropriate for your rules set, or the equipment is wrong, tweak or don't use the character.

The names of people, places and especially organizations get a bit dark and florid, since I used the namer directly from DunGen where it is designed to name NPCs encountered in a dungeon, more often than not cultists and villains and such. I'll probably make a milder variant that makes fewer torchbearers from the Blood Drinking Cult of Everlasting Pain* and such.

*I don't think you can quite get that, but it's aimed at that vein.

The Hyperborean variant content race and class names are from the game Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, by Jeffrey P. Talanian, © 2017 North Wind Adventures, LLC. No claim made or implied. The adaptation so far is pretty loose, classed characters will have some illegal equipment, insufficient class prime requisites, inexact HD rolled for HP, non-culture derived names, etcetera. But at least they won't be elves.

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